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Touch up

I offer a complimentary touch-up within a six-month period from the date your tattoo was initially applied. For the best outcome, I recommend waiting at least a month before scheduling your touch-up. This waiting period allows your tattoo to fully settle. If your tattoo still appears shiny and doesn't quite match the rest of your skin, it's probably not ready for a touch-up just yet. If you're not sure your tattoo needs a touch up, just send me a picture and we will go from there :) 


fresh tattoo


If you booked your touch-up and need to reschedule, let me know at least 2 days (48 hours) before your appointment. Without this notice, you will lose your opportunity for the complimentary touch-up. Please keep in mind that I can only accommodate one reschedule per appointment. 

If you don't show up for your touch-up appointment, you will lose your complimentary touch-up, and to get it done, you will be charged the minimum price.

Please note that I cannot provide free touch-ups for tattoos on hands, fingers, feet, elbows, or knees, as these areas usually do not heal as well. I can always touch them up for free if you get more tattoos done though.

healed tattoo

When deciding on what tattoo to get done, keep in mind that very small and detailed designs can age very poorly, even being fine line. They can get blurry and spread, turning into a "blob".


Although I have no way to predict how your skin will age, during an appointment, I will always let you know what designs I think would age well and what wouldn't. Sometimes, the tattoos you see online are very fresh - it doesn't mean they will look good in 10 years. Try to be flexible with sizes and placement. My only goal is to make sure you will have a beautiful tattoo you won't regret later on :)





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