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To book an appointment or request a quote please email me at with the following info:

  • detailed description of the tattoo you want;

  • reference pictures;

  • size and placement;

  • if you want colour or black & grey;

  • best days and times to book your tattoo.


or fill out the form below.

Response time is up to 5 business days

Please consider my style when requesting a tattoo - you can check my portfolio here. If you're not sure I am able to do the style you want, feel free to email me anyway. If I don't feel comfortable doing it, I will refer you to another artist who does that style

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To book an appointment I ask for a deposit of:

  • $50 for small tattoos

  • $150 for bigger tattoos     (plus tax)

The deposit is applied to the cost of your tattoo on the day the tattoo is completed. 

If you don't show up for your appointment/cancel you will lose your deposit. 

I require 72-hour notice (3 days) to re-book your appointment (one time only), otherwise, you will forfeit your deposit to compensate for expenses and missed opportunities. 

The deposit is non-refundable.


If you sent an email with all the info required here, you should receive an email with a quote.


The quote is valid for 6 months.

I charge per piece - considering how detailed your tattoo is, its size, placement, and the time it takes me to finish your tattoo. If it's a large piece you might receive a price range.

My minimum price is $165.

Fill out the form to start the scheduling

Tattoo size

Message sent!

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